Structured Water: Health Benefits

Drinking Structured Water

Structured water, sometimes called magnetized or hexagonal water, refers to water with a structure that has supposedly been altered to form a hexagonal cluster.

Structured water shares similarities with water that hasn’t been polluted or contaminated by human processes. We believe these qualities make it healthier than tap or filtered water.

This type of water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources.

Health benefits

Structured water offers many health benefits, and it:

  • increased energy and clarity
  • enhanced nutrient absorption
  • better hydration
  • reduced toxins and radicals
  • better health and wellbeing
  • smoother water and softer skin and hair
  • more resilient immune system
  • promotes longer life
  • improved circulation and reduced swelling
  • helps stabilize blood sugar

According to the idea behind structured water, vortexing water charges it and allows it to hold energy. Allegedly, this energy then recharges the body and hydrates it more thoroughly than ordinary drinking water.

What is Functional Water?

Water that is considered to create a positive biological response from a particular type of water and application. Benny Johansson – Functional Water.pdf

What is Structured Water?

Is an ambiguous term widely used in marketing today that implies functional water. However, there is no current and widely accepted verification for the term.

What is Activated Water?

Is a term used by some to describe functional water. Generally, dealing with NMR work discusses proton spin and arrangement as the primary cause for the change in structure and behavior of the water.


What is Hexagonal Water?

Is only a portion of the total water structure as measured by specific NMR methods. Therefore, it is not an all-inclusive term to describe the water wholly. Learn more at

What is EZ Water? – Structured Water

EZ Water is a term coined by Gerald Pollack. In addition, to describing surface charge interaction between hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances with relative property changes in the water.

What is Charged Water?

Charged water implies functional water with an increase in ‘Broad Energy’ terms or decreased biological load after consumption. Moreover, this term is ambiguous to all scientific art forms.